Interview day tomorrow

Well second round interview tomorrow, feeling confident, feeling and believing the job is mine, I’ll give it my best and no real pressure either, visualising not having to travel 160 miles to work and back every week, saving a whole heap of cash in the process, being able to buy some new clothes with the savings lol…..saying that I really appreciate what I have, I’m happy, in good health, in good spirit and all in all not in a bad position in life……tomorrow is about me, showing my prospective employer that I come with a whole heap of stuff which can and will support them to achieve their social mission, one which is close to why I do what I do……



Ultimately u r the most powerful thing in the universe….part 2…

Ok so my last blog didn’t quite work, guess learning without guidance is my thing, so will narrate again….

I was chatting to someone yesterday about a few things in particular about how life can be so disastrous at times and why such occurrences happened, my answer was quite simple really “look within to find your inner power” I exclaimed “finding the power within will help you to understand why occasionally in life stuff happens with dramatic effect”…

I then remembered a book I read some 10 years back called ‘The Tao of Pooh’ by Benjamin Hoff, a great wee introduction to philosophy described through the antics of Winnie the Pooh….anyway there is a story in the book about a stonecutter who questioned his worth and power within the universe, which I will now tell….so it goes a little like this…..

One sunny day a stonecutter was working away carving stone. He was pondering over his life thus far. The more he thought the more he became distressed. He questioned his life, what he had achieved and an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness crept before him.

On this he looked up and saw a large crowd of people gathering, it was the kings procession. He wondered to himself what it would be like to be king. The stonecutter, in his distress thought that if anything the king must be the most powerful person in the land and how he wished to be king. In a flash the stonecutter became the king.

The day was sunny and hot, the stonecutter as king was being carried on his thrown by 10 guards, the crowd were cheering, and waving, he felt on top of the world. Then he saw people in the crowd gasping for water, taking their clothes off as it was very warm. The stonecutter looked up and saw the sun and thought if the sun can make people do that then that surely is the most powerful thing around. In a flash the stonecutter became the sun.

Being the sun the stonecutter relished that he could make people take off their clothes, faint and need water, he thought he was the most powerful thing around until the clouds and rain appeared. Try as he might he could burn or break up he clouds or stop the rain from falling. He looked as people began to run indoors, rivers began to flood and the grounds turning into lakes. Again he pondered and concluded that if the rain and clouds could do this, and as the sun he could not stop it, then the clouds and rain must be the most powerful thing in the universe. The stonecutter then became the clouds and rain.

He relished being able to flood lands, make people run for cover as he pored and pored as hard as he could, again thinking he must be the most powerful thing in the universe. He looked around and saw he could not stay still or stay in one place for to long and realised that the wind was blowing. The wind howled and he tried to resist but was not able to remain in one place and again he concluded that if the wind could do this to the clouds and rain then that must be the most powerful thing in the universe.

The stonecutter became the wind and he blew and blew with all his might, he blew the clouds and rain, he blew trees and buildings down, he blew people over and thought to himself, this is it, I’ve found the most powerful thing in the universe. No sooner had he said this he came to a mountain range and as hard as he could he could not blow down a mountain. He huffed with all of his power but the mountain did not budge. The stonecutter, again deduced that if the wind could not blow the mountain down then the mountain must be more powerful and in a second he became the mountain.

In his glory the stonecutter felt very pleased with his journey. He had been the king, the sun, the clouds and rain, the wind but now he had found the most powerful thing in the universe, the mountains.

After a short while he heard a chipping sound and looked around he could not see anything at first but the sound continued to get closer and louder. He stonecutter looked down and what did he see, he saw himself chipping away at the most powerful thing in the universe and it dawned on him, it was indeed he who was the most powerful thing in the universe after all.

No morel to the story really other than you are what you are, look within for your deeper understanding and once found you’ll be the most powerful thing in the universe, and don’t worry there is enough room for everyone and everything to be the most powerful thing in the universe also….

Hope you like